“We exist in order to undertake our MISSION:
To see young lives transformed by engaging them with Jesus, the Bible and the local church.
As we engage in our mission, we will realise our VISION:
We want to see a transformed generation of young people impacting Queensland for the Kingdom of God.”

Chaplaincy in Cairns State Schools

Working alongside other caring professionals, SU Qld Chaplains care for young people’s spiritual and emotional needs through pastoral care, activity programs, community outreach and adventure-based learning. Most importantly, SU Qld Chaplains provide a personal point of Christian contact, care and support for students, teachers and their families within their schools.

North QLD Area Manager: Ian Cumming – ianc@suqld.org.au 0450 377 385 (Townsville based)
Far North QLD District Coordinator: Katie Cade – katiec@suqld.org.au 0428 402 918 (Cairns based)
Cairns Ministers Network Representative – City Prayer Coordinator

Atherton State High School – VACANT
Atherton State School – VACANT
Babinda State School – CLOSED (pro welfare option)
Balaclava State School – Shannon Forrester
Biboohra State School – Tina Ruiz
Bloomfield State School – David Kamholtz
Cairns High School – Richard Mindenhall
Cairns West State School – Shannon Forrester
Cardwell State School – Michelle Pike
Chillagoe State School – VACANT
Cooktown State School – David Kamholtz
Dimbulah State School – VACANT
Edge Hill State School – VACANT
Flying Fish Point State School – VACANT
Gordonvale State School – Steven Mock
Gordonvale State High School – Katherine Cardinal
Hambledon State School – Lorraine Lynch
Herberton State School – VACANT
Innisfail State College – Sharon Marks
Innisfail State School – VACANT
Isabella State School – Lorraine Lynch
Kairi State School – VACANT
Lakeland State School – David Kamholtz
Mareeba State High School – Mellisa Searle
Mareeba State School – Wendy KumYuen
Mossman State High School – VACANT
Mourilyan State School – Sharon Marks
Mount Molloy State School – Tina Ruiz
Mundoo State School – VACANT
Mutchilba State School – VACANT
Ravenshoe State School – Kirsty Warmsley
Redlynch State College – Wayne Green
Rossville State School – Davvid Kamholtz
Smithfield High School – Carla Papas
South Johnstone State School – Sharon Marks
Trinity Bay State High School – VACANT
Tully State High School – Phillip Magarey
Tully State School – VACANT
Walkamin State School – VACANT
Western Cape College – Weipa – VACANT
Woree State High School – Nicola Ellery
Woree State School – Nicola Ellery
Yarrabah State School – Michael Hansell
Yungaburra State School – VACANT

Please contact the school direct to access the chaplaincy services
Log on to http://www.suqld.org.au/morehands/ to apply for chaplaincy positions in QLD

How can I Support my chaplain?

Prayer support
If you would like to be on our prayer support emailing list then send an email to: Scripture Union North Queenslandnq@suqld.org.au
You may also contact your local chaplain about “prayer groups for schools” program. This is an organised program where people from the local community can get together to pray for their local school.

Financial Support
Chaplaincy is funded partially from the federal government and also through local community funding. If you would like to financially support chaplaincy you can go online and nominate your school of choice at http://donate.to.suqld.org.au/

Please talk to your local school Chaplain on how you can get involved. Some examples are; Breaky programs, lunchtime activities, prayer groups, student Christian support groups, Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC) and many more. Catch up with your local chaplain for a coffee and see how you can link in.

How do I become a school chaplain?
For more information about becoming a Scripture Union Queensland School Chaplain log on to our website: http://www.apply.su-chaplain.com/ or contact Katie Cade on 0428 402 918.

Camping, School Based Programs, Training, Networks and Events

  • SU QLD Events

    Cairns Youth Ministers Network and Children’s Ministers network partner in local initiatives to empower and equip leaders and volunteers in ministry. Don’t hesitate to contact Katie to find out more about how to get invovled.

    Chaplaincy week:
    Held in the 3rd week of May every year, ‘Chaplaincy week’ celebrates Scripture Union Queensland’s Chaplaincy program. Chaplains across Queensland ran events in schools and outside of schools to raise awareness within the community of the role chaplaincy has in and around our schools. It also served as a valuable time of fundraising to continue on and grow the chaplaincy service in our schools. McDonalds came on board to run a “McChappy Day” on the 22nd making a contribution from sales of selected burgers and salads, over $8000 was raised on the day.

    SUPA Clubs – in State Schools

    Machans Beach
    Trinity Beach

    Contact your local school to find out if you have a SUPA club and how you can get invovled!


    Across our region there are various different camps running throughout the year during school holidays. There are many volunteers, chaplains and local church groups working together to facilitate and run these camps during the different holiday periods. If you would like to volunteer as a leader contact Katie Cade 3-6 months in advance of the camp.

    Our current FNQ camps are:

    Splashout (water sports), second week in January, 5 days, grade 4-7

    Cave Camp (caving), Easter, 5 days, Teenager

    Uber tweak (technology camp), June/July holidays, 5 days, Teenager

    FNQ SMADD – Years 8 – 12, September Holidays

    Boost camp (7-8 transition camp), September holidays, 5 days, Grade 7

    Camp new leaders training, Camp directors training, Children’s worker training is held throughout the year.

    Cert IV & Dip in Youth Work is available through SU TRAINING http://ymis.suqld.org.au/

    To find out more about what camps are on or to get more information about our camps go to: http://www.suqld.org.au