What is RI?

ri-class-promo-aloombaThe Queensland Government makes provision for Religious Instruction (RI) classes during the school week under guidelines set by the Department of Education and Training.

RI is the delivery of faith-based instruction to children who are members of a faith group and whose parents allow them to participate in RI classes provided by approved representatives of their faith group. RI teachers and assistants must only use material approved by the faith group they represent.

Combined Christian Churches RI

  • Combined Christian Churches RI is a cooperative arrangement faith group of several Christian (non-Catholic) churches in Cairns who have approved the use of GodSpace and Beginning with God curriculum for RI classes, and also approve suitable members of their congregations to teach RI.
    Currently, 17 schools in the Cairns area (from Trinity Beach to Gordonvale) have Combined Christian Churches RI lessons at a time set by the Principal.
  • RI Co-ordinators are approved representatives who volunteer to co-ordinate the team of RI teachers at one or more schools.
  • RI Teachers and assistants are approved volunteers, who comply with Government legislation for delivering RI in schools – that is, they hold a current Blue Card for working with children, they have approval from their church minister (who is a representative of the co-operative arrangement), they attend School Based Induction, which includes student protection, legislation and Code of Conduct training and RI teacher training each year.
  • Cairns Religious Instruction Advisory Committee (CRIAC) is comprised of RI co-ordinators, a chairman (who is also a minister of one of the cooperating churches) and a minutes’ secretary.

Beginning with God Resources

  • introduce students to key themes of the Bible and the Christian faith
  • allows students to explore the Christian faith and see how the Bible is relevant today.

GodspaceGodSpace resources

GodSpace = RI lessons that are Bible-based, relational, relevant and engaging for children.
GodSpace presents excellent life lessons from a Christian perspective.
GodSpace is an interdenominational three-year curriculum being used in Christian RI lessons around Australia.
More info: www.godspace.org.au

The Benefits of RI

Allowing children to have a safe environment to think about and ask questions about spiritual matters, RI lessons give them an opportunity –

  • To learn what Christians believe, through music, songs, stories, drama and games
  • To learn Christian values and ways of coping with difficult issues such as bullying, self-image and peer pressure
  • To hear Bible stories and learn what the Bible says about Jesus Christ
  • To explore Bible truths and get to know God for themselves
  • To discover our nation’s Christian heritage and, for example, why we celebrate Christmas and Easter

How to volunteer for the Combined Christian Churches RI

There are vacancies for RI teachers, relief teachers and assistants/helpers.

To apply for a vacancy in any position, you will need to have a current and valid Blue Card plus a letter of approval to teach RI from a senior minister of the church you currently attend.

Contact the RI co-ordinator of the school where you’d like to volunteer. Attend one of the annual training days in either Feb or July each year.

To indicate interest in volunteering at a school please complete the form below.


The committee, co-ordinators, teachers and assistants are all volunteer positions. Teacher manuals, student workbooks and resources used in classrooms all cost money. For example: student activity books are $3.90 each and teacher manuals are $60 each, so for a school with 380 children attending RI, with 14 RI teachers, it costs over $2322 just for one school. While some schools are happy to include student books in their budget, most of the resources are paid for through donations.

If you would like to donate towards the purchase of GodSpace and other resources, please make your online donation to:

Name: Cairns Christian Ministers Network
BSB: 034-664
ACCOUNT: 281445

Please mark your donation reference as “RI Resources” to ensure it goes to the RI account.

Thank you.


RI Expression of Interest

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