csc-logoStreet Chaplains are:

  • volunteers
  • committed Christians, or those willing to work within the ethos and guidelines of a Christian organisation
  • from all denominations
  • from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds
  • male and female aged 18+ years
  • trained in first aid and matters specific to street chaplaincy

fbookA Street Chaplain’s goal is to:

  • help people in need
  • by showing compassion through acts of kindness
  • provide a safeguard for people who may be at risk or in need of assistance in our nightclub precinct.

 What a Street Chaplain does

  • Street chaplains are well trained volunteers who actively promote peace and safety in the nightclub precinct, particularly through the provision of practical care.
  • Street chaplains work alongside the existing network of support within the city including the Queensland Police and Ambulance Services, taxi services, nightclub staff and security services.

What a Street Chaplain does not do!

A street chaplain, in this particular service, does not preach; nor do they try to induce people to convert to their own religious faith, belief or doctrine. Street chaplains also do not judge, condemn or show racial bias.

 A Service for All People

Street chaplains are required to respect the range of religious views, affiliations and cultural traditions in the community, and to be approachable by people of all beliefs.

Cairns Street Chaplains

 Some Ways in Which a Street Chaplain Serves:

  • By administering basic first aid
  • By listening to those who are troubled
  • By escorting intoxicated persons to the taxi rank or bus stop
  • By defusing tense situations with humour or calm conversation
  • By caring for people who may be at risk of harm from others
  • By finding a safe, appropriate way for people to go home safely
  • By being a person whom other people feel safe to approach for assistance

Some Benefits to the People and City of Cairns:-

  • Parents and partners are happy when family members come home safely
  • The city is seen to be a safe and enjoyable place to visit and live – a ‘plus’ for both residents and tourists
  • The crime rate is decreased, and Police are released from non-criminal but time consuming situations
  • Taxi drivers are now happy to take people home because they’re clean and calm
  • Council and the emergency and security services are saved time, money and resources

Sponsorship or Funding is Required For:-

  • First Aid training courses
  • Ongoing weekly First Aid supplies
  • A permanent central city base
  • Uniforms
  • Other equipment such as an automated external defibrillator


Do you have the love and compassion of God to show His love in practical ways to those who don’t know Him? Do you want to make a real difference in your city?  Do you want people to recognise your faith in God by the good works you do? Are you one of those very special people whom God is calling to be a Cairns Street Chaplain?

Tax Deductible Donations:

Cairns Street Chaplains Ltd is an Australian charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, and has Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Your help is needed to keep Street Chaplains on Cairns’ streets!

Tax deductible donations of $2 or more can be made by direct deposit to

BSB: 034-664       Account: 365681

Account Name: Cairns Street Chaplains Ltd.

Cairns Street Chaplains Ltd is a voluntary public service of