Welcome to the website hosted by Cairns Christian Ministers Network, Inc. (CCMN)

We are a group of Christian leaders in the Cairns region who are committed to supporting one another and working together in the community to communicate the love of Christ.

This website is an expression of our unity, and is provided as a service to those who are looking to connect with a local Christian church, ministry or school.

We have tried to give you up-to-date contact information for each church, ministry or school by including a link to their website or Facebook page. If you find that any of these do not work, or you can provided more up-to-date information, please let us know by emailing admin@cairnchurches.net.au.

If you are a leader in a church, ministry or school, and you would like to connect with other leaders in the area, please email admin@cairnschurches.net.au to be notified of coming opportunities and check out our ‘Membership’ page.

Cairns churches
Cairns Churches